by rangevideo

designed by simon ‚boobidoo‘ & anders ‚kajakmannen‘


This is my first fixedwing fpv plattform.

This beautiful black beast is nearly finished, just some cables and connections missing.

The beauty hasn’t been maidened yet.

Because I love to mod things, the standard kit has been expanded with some extra parts.
I used all of the available CAD models from the original designer, to complete my build.

extra (printed @shapeways):

  • Pitot tube holder
  • VTx/RCRx cover plates
  • 8 hole Spinner Cover

The innerts:

  • rtimer arduflyer
  • 433 MHz Telemetry Radio
  • 5.8GHz VTx
  • AttoPilot Current Sensor
  • Analog Airflow Sensor

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