by Team Blacksheep

designed by tbs

this is my second Wing build.

Originally this wing is designed to be flown as a 2S config with a 2100 KV Motor. Because these parts where unavailable during build, I was going for a 3S config with a stronger motor. Downside of this configuration is its weight. It has a higher stall speed, so landings are quite rough. I cannot decide to trust my GoPro onto it.

Because of the higher weight of the motor and ESC, I repositioned the motor mount about 2 cm more towards the nose, this saved me a 27 gr in leads. Still there are about 75 gr additional weight to get it balanced around cg.

It’s fun to fly, but only if the wind is below 3 bft, above its getting diffcult to keep directions, especially in gusty conditions.


  • RCTimer HP 2212 1450KV Motor, 30A ESC
  • 3S Battery


  • tbs core pro
  • tbs chipchip camera
  • 5.8GHz Video sender


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